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27/10/2014: Facial recognition tech a differentiator for police checks

Paranoid Australian employers are now requesting 3 million police checks a year, and National Crime Check is hoping an investment in facial recognition technology will eventually help to process 10 per cent of them.

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16/06/2014: Checking All The Right Boxes: Criminal Checks Made Easy.

It’s a little awkward when you’re asked for it, but completely necessary too. A Police Check is the last thing you might think of as a necessary hoop to jump through in order to be employed. But it’s one of the most important and commonly overlooked parts of getting a new job.

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10/01/2013: Help for SA children going back to school

Time for KidsNational Crime Check has raised $4000 for Time for Kids...

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16/09/2012: Online checks catch out job-seekers"When it comes to checking candidates' criminal background, a gap in the timeline on a resume or failure to list a reference for a key previous role often tipped employers off that the candidate had a criminal history"

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