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Are they who they say they are?

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 16/06/2021

Remote identity checks powered by National Crime Check Minimise organisational and workforce risk with National Crime Check’s InstaID+ identity checks. InstaID+ allows you to confirm the identities of prospective applicants and customers against government-backed databases. Validating a person’s identity is a fundamental process for safety, security and compliance. Processes like...

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Moving towards remote identity verification

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 09/06/2021

With the combined factors of rapid technological advancement and the pandemic affecting many industries, identity verification and screening has not been immune. As with many processes, identity verification and screening is being thrust into the digital world. It has become a remote process due to the limitations in place during...

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Catch me if you can - Identity fraud during COVID-19

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 02/06/2021

Identity fraud is on the rise during COVID-19, according to Onfido’s Identity Fraud Report 2020. The report shows document identity fraud increased by 41 percent in 2020, concurrent with an increase in first-time fraudsters. It’s been suggested that the recent spike in identity fraud is due to a combination of...

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Be on the lookout for scammers and fraudsters!

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 17/05/2021

The pandemic has brought up many unexpected effects, but one that isn’t surprising to me is the increase in scammers and fraudsters. Scammers and fraudsters are known to exploit uncertain and chaotic times to capitalise on insecure accounts and to trick vulnerable people, costing millions to economies around the world....

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Right to Work - right at your fingertips!

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 27/04/2021

We’ve created a new standalone Right to Work product that means you’ll be able to process Right to Work checks without the need to conduct full police checks. Speed and efficiency right at your fingertips! You’ll be able to check a candidate’s work rights whenever you need to and the...

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