Exclusions list

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide National Crime Checks for the following purposes:

  • Australian Citizenship
  • Business Licencing Authority Victoria
  • Northern Territory Department Of Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Court officials
  • Immigration
  • Judges, Magistrates, Jurors, Justices of the Peace
  • Matchmaking and Dating Sites
  • Overseas Immigration Departments
  • Personal Insurance Claims
  • Police Checks For Working Overseas
  • Police Recruits
  • QLD Department of Commerce Real Estate/Sales Agents
  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading (for Real Estate Licenses)
  • Requirements for Foreign Embassies
  • SA Department of Transport Driver Accreditation
  • VicRoads applications
  • Victorian Correctional Officer
  • Victorian Business Licencing Authority
  • Victorian IVF Requirements
  • Victorian Real Estate License
  • Victorian Taxi Directorate
  • Visa Applications
  • NSW Racing
  • Perth Mint Refinery

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