What happened to the 100 point check for ID?

Due to new ACIC contractual requirements, the 100 point check is no longer accepted.

The ACIC requires applicants to provide a total of four (4) different forms of ID that includes:

  • One (1) Commencement of ID Document;
  • One (1) Primary Use in Community Document; and
  • Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Documents.

Please ensure that by providing the 4 types of ID we can verify:

  • Your full name;
  • Your Date of Birth; and
  • A photo that needs to be contained on atleast one of the ID you have provided.

Proof Of Identity quick reference guide

**** Important to Note ***

If you provide identity documents using a former name, such as a maiden name, or previous name or changed name you must provide evidence of the name change in addition to the four identity documents.

If one of your identity documents has your maiden name you will need to provide an official marriage certificate issued by a state Births, Deaths and Marriages Department.