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Your business is in good hands. We were one of the first private police check providers in Australia and we run thousands of police checks every single day.

Requirements to create an account

  • You must lodge at least 5 checks per year
  • You need to have an active ABN
  • You must have an organisational email address — free/isp emails cannot be used
  • Your phone number must be accessable — we will call it during signup

Account signup is for organisations only

Business YES -- Individuals NO

You can only sign up an account for a business or organisation

If you would like to run a police check for yourself, please use the main police check form instead.

Accounts can only be used for organisations to lodge police checks for their own employees or volunteers.

Resellers & Developers

If you would like to use the service as a reseller or integration partner, you must contact us prior to signing up an account.

Police check prices

Employment checks
Volunteer checks

For volumes above 500 checks per year, please contact us to discuss our bulk pricing rates.

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