My National Criminal History Check hasn't been returned 2 days?
If you haven't received an email or SMS from National Crime Check in 2 business days confirming the dispatch of your National Criminal History Check, then your application has been flagged by the CrimTrac background checking service for further investigation as a potential records match.

What this means is that that there is a potential match of disclosable court outcomes in the database with a permutation of your first name, surname and/or date of birth. As a result, the application is flagged for further investigation.

If this occurs, the CrimTrac background checking service envokes a process of investigation into the application and they work with the state based police records checking services in each state to finalise the application.

An application may be flagged for a potential match in one or several Australian states and/or territories. As a result, this can also impact on the amount of time taken to investigate the application.

The CrimTrac Background checking services best endeavours is to process and finalise these applications in 10-12 business days. However, there maybe instances where it takes longer.

Once the results of the application have been finalised, we are notified immediately and we will then automatically populate your National Criminal History Check Certificate and dispatch it to you via your preferred receipt method (either email or post).

Do I need to ring if I haven't heard from you in 2 days?
No, there is no need to call. You should have already received an SMS or email confirming that your application has been successfully received and the lodgement of your application has already occurred.

You will receive a second SMS/Email as soon as the results has been returned from the CrimTrac background checking service.
Then we will automatically populate the National Criminal History Check Certificate, and then dispatch it to you either via your preferred method (either email or post).

My National Criminal History Check application has flagged, can I speed up the process?
No - unfortunately we are unable to escalate flagged applications until it is past 12 business days. National Crime Check monitors all flagged checks daily, and escalates these applications automatically on your behalf for swift resolution and processing.

I don't have a criminal record so why has my check been flagged?
There is no way to tell whether a check will be flagged as a potential match and requiring further investigation. On average 75% are generally processed within 1-2 business days. The remaining 25% of all checks will be flagged as a potential match.