Business Compliance Requirements

As per the accreditation obligations stipulated by CrimTrac, National Crime Check is required to undertake Customer Compliance Audits on a regular basis to ensure:

  • Informed consent forms are completed correctly;
  • The correct informed consent form is being used;
  • Informed consent forms are being signed and dated by the applicant;
  • Informed consent forms are securely stored as per CrimTrac requirements;
  • There is a valid and specific reason for check provided on the informed consent form (typically their position title and the industry they work in)
  • Proof Of Identity is being carried out in line with CrimTrac requirements (with evidence they have been sighted, signed and dated by an approved employee of your organisation);
  • The correct personnel are ensuring check subject privacy is maintained as per CrimTrac requirements; and
  • Informed consent and proof of idenity is carried out before the lodgment of the police check application trhough the client portal.
  • Police check reports can only be shared with the individual and not any other 3rd party.

For more information about document compliance, please familiarise yourself with our userguide which can be downloaded below.

Business Application Form Userguide


The Customer Compliance Audit will involve

  1. Viewing where informed consent forms are stored;
  2. Viewing a sample of consent forms to determine accuracy and thoroughness of completion;
  3. Interviews with key personnel in relation to the end-to-end processes used;
  4. Determining what areas are not compliant and identify strategies to rectify the non-compliance; and
  5. Develop a risk profile and suggested improvements to achieve compliance.