Police Checks

Across many industries it is now a mandatory requirement that employees have a valid and current national police check / criminal history check.  For individuals this means going through a process of providing personal details and identification that has been certified as true copies.

Traditionally individuals have had to go to their local police station or the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to perform a check (which in, some instances, can take a number of weeks to process and be receieved by the individual). Now there is a quicker, easier, secure alternative in the form of an online process.

You can have confidence that National Crime Checks cover all Australian States and Territories. It is a 100% accredited and accepted Australia Wide police check.


Quick & Easy Process - Police Check Application Form

  1. Fill in your basic details
  2. Get confirmed (SMS or Email)
  3. Pay for your check - Pricing Information
  4. Provide additional information
  5. Print the pre-populated informed consent form and sign and date it - make sure you have access to a printer.
  6. Attach 100 points of ID that has been Certified as True Copies
  7. Send in to National Crime Check (Post or Document Upload)

It's that easy!

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Useful Articles about National Police Checks and legislation across Australia:

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