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Do you require a Victorian Police Check?

There are numerous reasons for which a VIC Police Check (or National Criminal History Check) may be required in Victoria:

  • It is mandatory to have a Police Check if you are going to work or volunteer in a government-funded or supported aged-care facility in Victoria.
  • You may require a VIC Police Check as part of a Working With Children Check (see below.)
  • For occupation-related licensing or registration in Victoria.
  • For any Commonwealth government jobs in Victoria.
  • For immigration purposes.
  • For visa applications/overseas employment.

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The Working With Children Act 2005 (Vic) sets out legislation about child safety screening in Victoria. Individuals who work or volunteer with children or come into contact with them either directly or indirectly are required by law to undergo a pre-employment screening process known as a Working With Children Check. The Victorian Working With Children Check is valid for five years and is designed to be transferable between organisations in Victoria.

Note that the Working With Children Check is different to a Police Check - it provides ongoing monitoring of criminal offences whilst your Check is valid (ie for five years.)

To apply for a Working With Children Check you need to go to an Australia Post Office with original identification documents, a passport-sized photography and application fee.

More information on this application process can be found at the Department of Justice Victoria

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The fastest and easiest way to get a Police Check that covers all states and territories (including Victoria) is online. Any individual or Volunteer may go to National Crime Check's online application form and receive a National Criminal History Check Certificate on average in 1-2 working days.

The process will require you to submit personal information, sign a consent form to release your criminal history and provide 100 points of identification in order to prove your identity. Simply follow the straight-forward prompts on screen.

Individuals can also initiate a Police Check via the Victorian Police (at any local police station) - however there are limitations to this procedure.

Back to topLimitations to Police Checks Via Victoria Police

Note the following restrictions in requesting a Police Check via the Victoria Police:

  • The VIC Police does not fulfil Police Check requests for people overseas or for temporary or permanent residency purposes.
  • Applications for a Police Check via the Victorian Police take a minimum of 10 working days, whereas online applications (that are fully secure and accredited by CrimTrac) take only 1-2 business days on average through National Crime Check.

Apply for your Police Check online now via the National Crime Check application form. You can elect to have it automatically emailed back directly to you, saving even more time.

Back to topDiscounted Victorian Police Checks - for Authorised Organisations

Authorised organisations are able to offer reduced fees for Victorian Police Checks for:

  • Volunteers or authorised organisations
  • Student Placements
  • Individuals who qualify under the "Family Day Care" scheme as an adult (18 years or over) residing with a Family Day Care provider.

Discounts for Volunteers apply only to those in unpaid positions and eligible applicants must include a Victoria Police CVF Number Community Volunteer Fee (CVF). The CVF may be applied for via the Victorian Police website.

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*Note that every effort has been made to ensure the most current and accurate information on police checks and working with children checks, however legislation and requirements can change. National Crime Check recommends you approach your local police station for up-to-the-minute accuracy on the topics above. This article is current at November 2011.