Image analysis and extraction

Nothing slows down identity validation or is as error prone as someone entering their document details online. Improve your product up sign up process and reduce friction with National Crime Check's image validation and data extraction API service.

Our stand alone Image Validation and Extration API is blazingly fast, with turnaround typically less than 250ms.

Infographic data extraction example

Check a user or applicant is exactly who they say they are with less errors and double handing. Our image analysis can also provide face matching between a selfie face photo and identity card.

Documents we can extract and analyse from include:

  • Australian drivers licence,
  • Medicare card,
  • Credit cards and debit cards,
  • and more.

We're constantly increasing our Machine Learning footprint to deliver ongoing service improvements as well as capture of additional documents.

Document Face Matching

Our machine learning technology can perform face matching between the document image and the face image, providing a fast and accurate way to determine that a document is legitimate.

Image analysis example



Is my user data secure?

NCC is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency so you can have full confidence that security is our highest priority.

Our services are fully encrypted and we use Australian based hosting so you can rest assured that your applicant's data is safe and not at the mercy of international law.

Will I need a data retention policy?

Our API doesn't store any data so there is no need to worry about a data retention policy.

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