Australian Right to Work Checks

Whilst a police check obviously checks criminal history, an Australian Right To Work Check covers your organisation against employing those with no work entitlements.

To quote the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs...

"Australian employers could face infringements or civil penalties if they allow illegal work regardless of whether they knew someone was an illegal worker. We expect employers to take reasonable steps to make sure they are not employing, referring or contracting illegal workers.

We are focused on responding to those employers that willfully take part in illegal work, not penalising employers who act in good faith.

We expect employers to check that all non-citizens working for them are allowed to work. You can be fined even if you did not know that they could not work."

Not every Visa entitles a Non-Australian citizen to work so our system is connected with the department of immigration’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) database so you can be certain of their right to employment.

Penalties are per illegal worker and are up to $63,000 and/or five years imprisonment for individuals and $315,000 for bodies corporates.

For just an extra $5 inc GST per existing police check you can add an Right To Work check. It's a small price to pay to avoid potential fines and peace of mind.

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