Paranoid Australian employers are now requesting 3 million police checks a year, and National Crime Check is hoping an investment in facial recognition technology will eventually help to process 10 per cent of them.

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It’s a little awkward when you’re asked for it, but completely necessary too. A Police Check is the last thing you might think of as a necessary hoop to jump through in order to be employed. But it’s one of the most important and commonly overlooked parts of getting a new job.

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Time for KidsNational Crime Check has raised $4000 for Time for Kids...

Find out more >"When it comes to checking candidates' criminal background, a gap in the timeline on a resume or failure to list a reference for a key previous role often tipped employers off that the candidate had a criminal history"

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Safe, Official and Secure

National Crime Check is accredited, under Contract, to access the National Police Checking Service through the CrimTrac Agency. This accreditation remains in place for so long as National Crime Check appears on the "NPCS Accredited Agencies List" appearing on the CrimTrac website,

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  • Fill out a Police Check application form - less than 5 minutes online

    It's quicker and easier to submit your national police check online. Lodge in a matter of minutes!

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    Once all the correct paper work has been provided, most national police checks are processed and dispatched in 24-48 hours of receipt.



  • Secure submission of Police Checks with CrimTrac

    We are a CrimTrac accredited agency and are authorised to submit requests for national police checks to Crimtrac (Crimtrac are the background checking agency that delivers the National Police Checking Service for and on behalf of all Australian Police Services).

  • Receive email notification as soon as your national police check is available

    We can post a hard copy of your national criminal history check certificate or email you a copy online.