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Does your HR department need to undertake large volumes of applicant screening? Since 2018, NCC has proudly partnered with international HR company Sterling RISQ, and now offer background screening solutions to help streamline your HR team's duties.

With the power of Sterling RISQ and NCC, you make smarter, faster, and safer hiring decisions. Together we conduct more than 100 million searches and reports annually for HR teams.

How do we strengthen your HR team together?

Every successful company has one thing in common; they hire the best. That's what Sterling RISQ and NCC provide. We give you the information you need beyond an applicant's CV and selective references.

Pending your locations, our services include:

  • International background checks
  • Health and drug screening checks
  • Criminal history or police checks
  • Bankruptcy history checks
  • Right to work checks
  • Vevo checks

If your HR team needs support, please feel free to get in touch today. We can discuss the benefits of engaging Sterling RISQ and NCC as your HR team's background check powerhouse.



Who is Sterling RISQ?

Sterling RISQ provides comprehensive background screening and monitoring for an ever-growing global workforce. With 25,000+ clients and 20 offices in nine countries, Sterling RISQ is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Who is National Crime Check (NCC)?

NCC is an ACIC accredited agency, providing advanced criminal background and identity verification services. NCC helps healthcare, financial services, staffing, retail and other sectors mitigate corporate risks such as workplace violence, theft and fraud.

How do I engage Sterling RISQ and NCC for my HR team?

Please get in touch with our business team today. If your company is growing rapidly, or you are already well established, we can also provide streamlined co-branded options. Sterling RISQ and NCC are here to support and strengthen your HR team.

Talk to our business team today.