Background Checks for Driving with Uber

National Crime Check are the preferred supplier for background checks which are required for all Uber drivers — both Uber Eats and Uber Rides.

These checks are required for all Uber drivers in Australia and New Zealand.

  Required Information & Identity Check  

Details, addresses, and other names

Your details will be pre-populated based on your Uber profile. Check to ensure your details are correct, and fill in anything missing as necessary.

You will need to provide 5+ years worth of address history. For any addresses outside of Australia, just try to fill in as accurately as you can.

If you have previously used any other names, provide them to NCC. If you have changed your name due to marriage, changed your legal first name, removed a middle name - these all constitute name changes. Or if none, you can indicate and skip.

Proof-of-identity documents

InstaID will ask for commonly available documents to fulfill the necessary proof-of-identity requirements. Follow its instructions to proceed.

You will be asked to take photos and/or upload previous images of your documents to InstaID.

See the quick reference guide on Proof-of-Identity for more information.

14 day processing

You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of your results once your background check has been processed.

Fully online process

All processes are fully online using your phone or webcam. No need to print/scan anything.

Your result is sent directly to Uber

No action is required from you after lodging - NCC will supply a copy of your results to Uber. More information is available in the section below.

Start my background checks now

Uber Eats

If you are applying to become an Uber Eats driver, use this button to start your background checks.

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Uber Rides

If you are applying to become an Uber Rides driver, use this button to start your background checks.

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Right To Work Checks

If you're already an Eats or Rides driver, and have been requested to conduct a VEVO or Right To Work check, use this button to run your check.

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New Zealand — Uber Eats

If you are applying to become an Uber Eats New Zealand driver, use this button to start your background checks.

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Proof-of-Identity you will need to provide

You need to provide 4 different forms of ID to count as having verified your identity:

The following section will list common documents within these categories. For an in-depth list, please see the Quick Reference Guide on Proof-of-Identity.

Common Commencement of ID documents (1 required)

  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Visa
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Immicard
  • VEVO check — can be processed automatically if providing an overseas passport

Common Primary Use in Community documents (1 required)

  • Australian Driver Licence
  • Australian Marriage Certificate
  • Overseas Passport
  • Australian Photo ID Card

Common Secondary Use in Community document categories (2 required)

  • Medicare Card
  • Credit Card/Bank Card (Can be two bank cards; No need to be an Australian bank but name on the card must be the same)
  • Student ID from Australia
  • Australian Electoral Commission Enrolment
  • Foreign Government Issued Documents (Name on the document must be the same)