Offering a wide range of services to
surpass your identity and compliance requirements.


Criminal History Checks


Right To Work Checks

  • Check both domestic and foreign candidates
  • Report includes visa/citizenship details and is fully verified
  • Standalone candidate process with API integration option
  • MOREabout our RTW checks

DVS Document Verifications

  • Validate drivers, medicare, passport, birth certs, and more
  • Easy to use processing dashboard
  • API integration with instant turnaround
  • MORE about our DVS Verifications

Bankruptcy Checks

  • Meets the needs for restricted/limited your Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)
  • Developer-friendly API available
  • MOREabout our Bankruptcy Checks

Credential Checking & Monitoring


Vevo Checks

  • Check employees or candidates right to work in Australia
  • Report includes Visa type, dates and conditions
  • Developer-friendly API available
  • MOREabout our Vevo Checks

Your in good hands. we were one of the First private police check providers in australia, We do thousands of police checks a week.

An ACIC Accredited Criminal History Provider

National Crime Check® is accredited, under Contract, to access the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is a registered trade mark of the Commonwealth of Australia. Find out more at