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Discreet bankruptcy checks

Bankruptcy can be declared for many personal and business reasons, all of which you should know about. If a candidate has declared bankruptcy, understand "why" so your HR team is on the front foot.

Applicant VEVO checks

VEVO checks verify the conditions of non-Australian citizens, nationals and candidates with limited working Visas. Avoid penalties of up to $63,000 per illegal worker and $315,000 for body corporates.

100% online and secure

Empower your HR team to perform secure Police, bankruptcy and VEVO checks through an applicant's webcam, mobile phone or tablet. We provide police check reports within 24 hours on average^.

Expected 24-hour turnaround

Most top financial applicants apply for multiple roles at once, which means time is of the essence. Our background checks take just 24 hours on average^ so that you can move faster than your competition.

Powerful co-branding

In a busy marketplace, ensuring your brand cuts-through the noise is vital. Our co-branding options make your applicants feel like they are part of your company’s journey from the very first touchpoint.

Developer friendly API

Our developer-friendly API automates your background checks even further. Your HR team simply needs to trigger a check from your existing software package, and our system handles the rest.

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What our Clients say...

We have found the whole process to be very straightforward and the benefits to our business have been great.

The fact that we don’t have to remind candidates to bring 100 points of ID into interviews and don’t have to manually complete forms after interviews have finished means that our process is much more streamlined.

Claire Kirk
Pacific Brands