March 2022

Where is the gig economy headed in 2022?

Posted by National Crime Check on 31/03/2022

The gig economy is undoubtedly booming. From ridesharing to food and grocery delivery to freelance work, gig work offers flexibility to consumers, workers and businesses alike. Gig work was perfectly suited to our needs during the pandemic when unemployment levels from traditional, face-to-face jobs was high; people were unable to...

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Inventing Anna - how to avoid the Annas of the world and protect your business

Posted by National Crime Check on 29/03/2022

Inventing Anna is the hot new show on Netflix and it’s no wonder, it’s got it all - high-class hotels, lavish parties, private jet travel to exotic destinations, an indistinguishable European accent, along with a long con that is gradually revealed to viewers. The show dramatises the life of Anna...

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Georgie Betterman: General Manager, NCC

Posted by National Crime Check on 25/03/2022

We are pleased to announce that Georgie Betterman will step up to the role of General Manager of National Crime Check (NCC) from 1 March 2022.   Georgie joined NCC in September 2012 as a Verifications Officer and worked her way up to become our Operations Manager, a role she has...

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Digital identity verification - how does it apply to your industry?


Whether for or against, we can all agree that remote identity verification technology has undoubtedly become more widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments have developed and propagated the use of identity verification technology in order to manage the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, and thus normalised the use...

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Our commitment to assist people affected by the NSW/QLD floods

Posted by National Crime Check on 21/03/2022

It’s unfortunately been another tough start to the year with many regions of NSW and QLD experiencing extreme weather and flooding. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everybody affected by these wild weather events, especially those who have been displaced from their homes, schools and workplaces. We hope that...

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Trend report - Identity verification in 2022

Posted by National Crime Check on 15/03/2022

A new year calls for new predictions… The realm of identity verification continues to evolve and grow, particularly with the developments that were brought fluidly into daily use through the pandemic. With technological advancements constantly being made, it’s inevitable that identity verification solutions will continue to grow in importance and...

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Changes to result certificates

Posted by National Crime Check on 11/03/2022

Due to ACIC compliance updates, there has been some small changes to the result certificates. Checks have started to be issued using the new certificate layouts. The reason-for-check data for checks is now displayed as four discreet data points: Check purpose (e.g. industry) Place of work (e.g. employer) Location of...

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