Security Information

Data Encryption in Transit

National Crime Check use the highest level of security for internet traffic, with all communications secured using HTTPS. Our certificates use 2048-bit keys with SHA256 signatures. Our infrastructure supports TLS 1.2 connections with Forward Secrecy, as well has preloaded Strict-Transport-Security.

Data Encryption at Rest

All data which is held by National Crime Check is stored Encrypted-At-Rest. This includes database records, uploaded images, backups, and all other possible locations where your data is stored. Storage uses high-grade encryption such as AES-256.

Data Residency and Safety

All data is stored within Australia in secure facilities which are multiple-replicated across several datacentres. Facilities are have redudant power, cooling, and internet conectivity. Futhermore, the facilities have been chosen to be located on discreet parts of the electricity grid as well as discreet techtonic places, where applicable. Facilities only support secure and restricted physical access.