Right to Work Checks

Are you looking to work in Australia, but are not an Australian citizen?
Even if you hold a Visa, a "right to work" check is an affordable way to ensure you comply with all Australian laws.

If you are an employer, a right to work check gives you the peace of mind you need when considering an applicant. 

What fines could I face by working illegally?

If you decide to, or accidentally work illegally in Australia, you could face fines of up to $63,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment.

Companies face an additional $315,000. The Australian Department of Home Affairs enforces these regulations heavily.

How do I check that I'm legally able to work in Australia?

To ensure you, or your workers comply with all Australian laws and Australian employer standards, it is recommended that you obtain two checks:

  1. An Australian police check, this costs $49.90
  2. A right to work check, this costs $5.00

You can start both checks right now by clicking the button below. If you run a business and need multiple checks and streamlined services, please contact us here.



Who can legally work in Australia?

In Australia, you can legally work if you are:

  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.
  • An Australian permanent resident.
  • Have the right Visa. Please note, Australian visas can have restrictions including only being able to work for a certain employer or a specific number of hours.

Note: Foreign nationals who don’t have a valid visa are not allowed to work in Australia. This can include a person whose visa has expired or been cancelled.

Who is National Crime Check?

NCC is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency. Our systems are connected to the department of immigration’s Visa Entitlement, so you can quickly obtain accredited police, Visa and right to work checks.

Does my right to work check reference the VEVO database?

Yes. You can read more about VEVO checks here. Please note, only registered Australian companies can obtain a standalone VEVO check.


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