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November 2016

Employee risks you must address (even if you didn't think so)

Posted by National Crime Check on 24/11/2016

Reducing risk in the workplace – whether a health or safety, general security or Internet/cyber security risk – is a priority for forward-thinking employers but one that will largely be overlooked until an incident rears its ugly head. The everyday demands of business tend to get in the way of...

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Checklist for your Police Checks: What do you need to cover?

Posted by National Crime Check on 09/11/2016

The process of conducting background checks on potential – and, in some cases, existing – employees is increasing at a brisk rate. As incidents of employee fraud, misconduct and negligent hiring litigation continue to rise, more and more businesses see background checks as a fundamental HR and risk management process....

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What happens if a potential employee fails a background check?

Posted by National Crime Check on 09/11/2016

While most employment contracts contain safeguards that allow you to dismiss an unsuitable employee, it’s equally as important to have rock-solid processes in place for handling potential hires that ‘fail’ a background check (for lack of a better word). Implementing background checks for both existing and potential employees comes with...

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