May 2021

Police Checks within the Australian education system

Posted by National Crime Check on 28/05/2021

The Australian education system is considered one of the best in the world, made up of thousands of dedicated childcare workers, preschools teachers, primary and secondary teachers, universities lecturers, TAFE teachers and private educators. Teaching is also considered one of Australia's most stable professions and the Australian Bureau of Statistics...

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Be on the lookout for scammers and fraudsters!

Posted by Martin Lazarevic on 17/05/2021

The pandemic has brought up many unexpected effects, but one that isn’t surprising to me is the increase in scammers and fraudsters. Scammers and fraudsters are known to exploit uncertain and chaotic times to capitalise on insecure accounts and to trick vulnerable people, costing millions to economies around the world....

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Announcing InstaID Document Verification Services

Posted by National Crime Check on 13/05/2021

National Crime Check is an accredited gateway into the DVS (Document Verification System) allowing for at-source verification of government-issued documents. In today's world, validating a person's identity is a fundamental process for safety and security, for small and larger organisations. Take real estate, where just one misleading client can undermine...

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NCC Partners with Jumio to Scale its InstaID System

Posted by National Crime Check on 05/05/2021

Australia's National Crime Check Partners with Jumio to Scale its InstaID System and Accelerate Customer Onboarding The long-time customer is pairing its proven technology with Jumio Identity Verification to conduct real-time identity checks for Australian businesses Sydney — May 5, 2021 — Jumio, the leading provider of AI-powered end-to-end identity...

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