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Posted by Karmabunny on

National Crime Check is an accredited gateway into the DVS (Document Verification System) allowing for at-source verification of government-issued documents.

In today's world, validating a person's identity is a fundamental process for safety and security, for small and larger organisations.

Take real estate, where just one misleading client can undermine your entire operation. With document verification you can quickly validate your vendors, buyers and rental tenants to avoid the immense strain a misleading client can put on your business and team.

Documents which can be verified using the DVS include:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • Centrelink Card
  • Visa and ImmiCard
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage & Name Change Certificates
  • ...and more!

These checks can be run either using our APIs for full and seamless integration, or using our data-entry forms directly from within your dashboard. These verifications are "data only" and do not require image uploads or interaction with the candidate.

Our API integrations offer fast and easy access to the service and a high degree of uptime. Most verifications are returned within three seconds and we offer a Service Level Agreement to return results within 20 seconds.

For more information, see the InstaID plus website, or send an enquiry.

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