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Posted by Karmabunny on

Identity theft is on the rise in New Zealand - NCC can help

Almost 10 percent of New Zealanders have fallen prey to identity theft, and these fraudulent schemes are becoming more sophisticated with the use of digital tools.

National Crime Check (NCC) General Manager Georgie Betterman appeared on Today FM with Tova O’Brien to discuss the types of fraud we’re seeing. They also touched on how people and businesses can protect themselves from fraudulent characters.

Georgie told Tova that NCC is currently seeing “a lot of identity theft, specifically online identity theft, identity frauds, fake right to work checks, and fake resumes.” NetSafe has reported a huge 86 percent increase in cases of online identity theft in New Zealand over the past financial year.

Georgie clarified that we can’t always prevent identity theft but “we can be really proactive in helping combat identity theft” with the use of thorough background screening and checks. These checks include identity checks, criminal history checks, right to work checks, CV checks, and this kind of precaution is useful for all businesses and industries.

National Crime Check are third-party providers of criminal background screening to the Ministry of Justice in New Zealand. We also offer a wide range of background screening solutions to the New Zealand market to combat identity theft.

Ready to process some checks?

Take a look at our many solutions for business.

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