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Posted by Adam on

To our valued clients,

We are currently anticipating the release of a new ACIC Agreement to go live 1 July 2024. This agreement will affect all ACIC Accredited Agencies and any users of the National Police Checking System. ACIC is looking to align with new legislation and to allow greater controls around privacy and security for the industry.

What does it mean?

From a technical perspective NCC is already compliant thanks to our unbelievably agile technology and commitment from our hard working team to work through these changes in advance. As a Partner of National Crime Check the only technical change candidates will notice is a reduction of identity requirements supplied by candidates (3 Documents).

Another change (and by far the most painful) by ACIC is a base cost price rise for employment checks. We understand during a cost of living crisis the timing is not ideal, but NCC will need to raise price to match the ACIC base cost and other supplementary services.

NCC’s new base cost for a Retail Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) - Employment purposes is $ 58.90 (inc gst)

ACIC has decided that there will be no extra charge for NCCHC’s - Volunteer purposes and will remain at $29.90 (inc gst)

Business users enjoying a discounted rate via the NCC systems will also be subject to the new price rise from their base rate from Midnight 30th June 2024.

ACIC correspondence

“As advised in the notice the Access Agreement will come into force on 1 July 2024”

“ The responsible Minister has approved an increase to the charge for a standard Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) in order to align with the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase over the previous 10 years. A legislative instrument giving effect to the price increase prescribes a fixed commencement date for the new fees of 1 July 2024. “

“We anticipate releasing the final version of the Access Agreement to all Accredited Bodies in the first week of June 2024. To avoid any disruption to services, Accredited Bodies are asked to execute their new Agreement by no later than 28 June 2024 to allow the ACIC to execute in time for the 1 July 2024 commencement date.”

As part of the new agreement between ACIC and Accredited Agencies, a revised Customer Agreement (replacing the current Legal Entity Client agreement) will be posted via the Business User Dashboard and will need to be executed by the signing officer to continue access to ACIC’s National Police Checking System.

Thank you for your continued support.

Blue Circuits

New Zealand Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Check Price Rise

National Crime Check has also had communication from the New Zealand Ministry of Justice regarding a base cost price rise for a NZ Moj Criminal Record Check which will rise on July 1st.

As the base cost is rising NCC will also rise price in line with the MOJ price rise to NZD $47.00 (inc Gst).

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