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Posted by Karmabunny on

We've just released a new api, the REST Data Access API, which can be used to access various aspects of a user account.

While our other APIs are service-based; they focus on a particular product -- police checks, identity checks, etc -- this new API is different in that it focusses on the user account as a whole.

In this initial launch, this API can be used to retreive information about the co-branded sites on the account, as well as the billing codes for each co-branded site.

We'll be adding more data to this API as we go forward, including data editing capabilities such as api-based editing of billing codes.

This new API does not replace any existing APIs, and there isn't any plan to remove these old APIs either; instead, we'll be operating the service-based and the data-based APIs side-by-side to allow implementers to pick and choose as needed.

View REST Data Access API documentation

This API is available now for all users. Existing API keys can have the permission added in the integration dashboard, and new keys will have this API enabled by default.

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