What is a Bankruptcy Check?

A Bankruptcy Check is a search of all bankruptcy records ever recorded on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII).

This check verifies if an individual is bankrupt or formerly bankrupt.

Information is obtained from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) and will include:

    • Type of administration or proceeding
    • Date of administration or proceeding
    • Full name and alias of debtor
    • Address of debtor
    • Date of birth of debtor
    • Occupation and business name of debtor
    • Particulars of any prior or subsequent listing
    • End date of the administration

The bankruptcy check is only conducted on an individual’s current full name.

If an individual was known by any other names, it is recommended that a Bankruptcy Check be conducted on each additional name.

To obrtain your indivdiual police and bankruptcy check please use this link https://bankruptcy.nationalcrimecheck.com.au/