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Please also see our Australian Police Check Processing Timeframes FAQ for information about processing timeframes.


National Crime Check takes all complaints very seriously and have processes in place to handle these complaints.

Complaints about check processing timeframes

National Crime Check provides the service as an accredited agency of the National Police Checking Service which resides within the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

The ACIC is a national division of the Department of Home Affairs that accredits all brokers. 

When your check has been flagged for further review, this is done by the ACIC who then manages this in partnership with the police services. National Crime Check has no control over which checks are flagged and which are not. Once submitted to the National Police Checking Service, National Crime Check has NO control over how long they take to process your police check. We rely on the ACIC to manage this process in consultation and partnership with the state-based police services.

If you feel that your check has taken too long (past 10 business days) please contact us first. You can contact us via email on If after this you are still not satisfied with the response given to you by National Crime Check, you can submit a complaint directly to ACIC via the contacts page on the website

Alternatively, you can make a complaint to your local MP or the Minister for DHA, Karen Andrews. 

Prior to making a complaint or instigating a legal dispute it is recommended you obtain prior legal advice in relation to the Federal Governments liability in the provision of this Service. Applicants can contact Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as the ACIC is part of this portfolio.

Complaints about other aspects of the service

You can contact us via email on

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