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Uber NZ has chosen National Crime Check (NCC) to provide a quick and easy background check process for new driver-partners applying to join the Uber and Uber Eats ranks. With NCC’s support, applicant drivers can complete their background checks entirely online and receive the results of their check usually within 14 days.

During a time when delivery services are booming and New Zealanders are re-entering the workforce, this new process will allow more efficiency and predictability to applicant driver-partners. It will mean a speedier onboarding, allowing driver-partners to start earning money on the platform sooner.

The process for applicant drivers will be simple: provide consent, provide details (including address history and other names), and then upload proof of identity documents using InstaID+, a straightforward app that can be accessed from a mobile device. After these components have been submitted, no further action is required from the applicant.

“Uber and Uber Eats NZ services have seen a surge in demand throughout 2020 and it’s expected to continue in 2021. To meet this strong growth, more driver-partners will need to be onboarded to the platform. We want to make the process of applying to become a driver-partner with Uber NZ as simple and straightforward as possible,” National Crime Check Managing Director Martin Lazarevic said.

Lazarevic continued, “We pride ourselves on offering innovative background check solutions to our clients. Uber is a world leader in offering innovative technology and solutions to its clients, so this partnership felt very organic and a natural progression.

“We believe the integration of National Crime Check’s background check services into Uber’s onboarding processes will support Uber’s continuing growth and allow for prospective driver-partners to start working and earning money sooner. We hope this will support the rebuilding and re-entering of many New Zealanders into the workforce.”

Find out more about the National Crime Check and Uber NZ partnership by contacting


About Uber NZ

Uber was introduced to Auckland, New Zealand in May 2014. It offered an innovative technology platform to get locals and visitors from A to B by connecting them with drivers at the touch of a button. Uber now operates in seven cities around the country - Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

The primary goal of Uber NZ is to help Kiwis find a safe, affordable and reliable ride around town on a daily basis. Uber NZ also offers Kiwis a new way to earn money on a schedule that suits them and their families.

Uber NZ has also grown to encompass new platform elements, with Uber Eats launching in Auckland in March 2017, and another platform scheduled for the future.

About National Crime Check

National Crime Check provides an innovative online application that enables the lodgement of national criminal history checks and other types of background checks in a quick, simple and straightforward way.

The requirement for up-to-date national police checks and other types of background checks like right to work checks and bankruptcy checks is now mandated by legislation across a wide range of industries; and used regularly by employers and industry peak bodies as a requirement for employment.

The National Crime Check process is user-friendly and backed by cutting edge security. This means prospective candidates have a straightforward way to conduct their background checks and get started in their role sooner.

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