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Posted by Karmabunny on

As we enter a new year and decade, I find it the ideal time to look back at the accomplishments achieved at National Crime Check (NCC) in the past decade and to look forward to the future to consider how we can further improve our services and relationships with our clients in the coming years.

Founded in 2010, NCC’s past decade has seen major growth of our client base and team, along with significant developments to our service offerings and technology - ultimately culminating in our acquisition by Sterling in 2018. This acquisition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team as well as the relevance and success of our services and offering. By joining the Sterling family we now have access to a much broader range of resources, knowledge and services to offer our clients, with a full-service range of background screening products offered by our APAC sister company, Sterling RISQ.

We are extremely proud of how far we have come in a short period and our aim for the next decade is to continue in the same vein to grow and continue to provide excellent service to our clients. Part of this vision for the future is a reconsideration of how we are represented in the market - for our existing and prospective clients as well as to the general public and individual users of our services.

When we commenced our business, we were primarily focused on conducting police checks in a quick and affordable way. We believe we have succeeded in providing this service to the market, but as we’ve grown and come to further understand our clients’ needs, we have also realised the need for additional screening and identity verification services, like right to work checks, bankruptcy checks and more. We have broadened our service offerings to meet these needs where it has been practicable, and will continue to look for opportunities to do so in the new decade.

Our logo was also created in 2010, and as such, was strongly aligned with other brands/logos resonant of police services and branding due to our focus on conducting police checks. However we believe this logo no longer encompasses the breadth and continuing development of our services. Moving into the future means redefining our look and representation in the market, firstly by presenting a new logo that allows for future growth and no longer only identifies us as a police check company.

We have created a new logo that is fresh, clean, and allows space for our continued growth in the screening and identity verification services industry:

National Crime Check 10-Year Logo (dark)
National Crime Check 10-Year Logo (light)

As we progress with the roll-out of this logo across our digital and print channels in the next few months, we hope you appreciate our reasoning for the change and, more fundamentally, simply like the look of the new logo. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead in the new year and decade - and we can’t wait to share the journey with you.

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