What if I want to dispute the information on my Police Check?

While every care is taken, the accuracy of a police check depends on a number of factors and on occasion a police check is released with incorrect information.

Reasons for a dispute may include:

  • the incorrect identification of the applicant;
  • information held in police records has not been correctly matched to the applicant; or
  • incomplete information was provided at the time of application.

Disputes can be raised when an applicant claims that:

  • the police information released does not belong to them;
  • part of the police information does not belong to the them;
  • the police information belongs to the them, but the details are inaccurate; or
  • the police information belongs to them, but should not have been released.

The graphic below shows the dispute process.

dispute process

If you want to raise a dispute please email us at support@nationalcrimecheck.com.au with your first name, surname and reference number.

One of our customer service team will action your email and ask you to complete a dispute form.

We will then action the dispute through Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) on your behalf.

Please be advised, you cannot dispute police history information provided by National Crime Check Pty Ltd through ACIC directly or a state based police service. All disputes must be raised through National Crime Check.