Identity requirements for Australian Police Checks

To successfully complete your Proof of Identity you will need to provide a total of four (4) different forms of ID that includes:

  • One (1) Commencement of ID Document;
  • One (1) Primary Use in Community Document; and
  • Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Documents.

Please ensure that by providing the four types of id we can verify your full legal name and also your date of birth.

At least one of your documents needs to contain a photo which can be verified against a live-capture selfie image which you supply. This is typically a passport or drivers licence.

Self photo

You will be required to take a photo of your face as part of the data collection. This needs to be clear straight-on photo without any obstructions.

When taking your self photo, you need to hold up one of your photo identity documents, such as your drivers licence or your passport. This is to ensure thar your self photo matches your documents.

Commencement document

One of these documents are required:

  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Passport (must be current)
  • ImmiCard
  • Document of Identity issued by DFAT
  • VEVO lookup
  • Evidence of Residence status (Immigration status)
  • Certificate of Identity issued by DFAT to refugees and non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia

Foreign candidates may upload their foreign passport, and then NCC will run a visa lookup (vevo) check for you automatically.

Primary document

One of these documents are required:

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Australian Marriage Certificate Issued by a state based Births Deaths and Marriage Department
  • Overseas Passport (must be current)
  • Proof of Age or Photo ID issued by AU Government (must be current)
  • Shooters or Firearms Licence (Issued in Australia)

Candidates under the age of 18 years may also use a Student ID card.

Secondary documents

Two of these documents are required:

  • Medicare Card
  • Enrolment with the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Document of Identity issued by DFAT
  • Foreign Government Issued Documents
  • Security Guard / Crowd Control Licence
  • Evidence of Right to an Australian Government Benefit
  • Consular Photo Identity Card
  • Police Officer Photo Identity Card
  • Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Australian Defence Force Photo ID Card
  • Council Rates Notice (showing name and current address)
  • Australian Government Photo ID Card
  • Trusted Referees Report
  • Aviation Security Identification Card
  • Bank Card
  • Maritime Security Identification Card
  • Credit Reference Check
  • Australian Tertiary Student Photo Identity Document
  • Australian secondary student photo identity document
  • Certified Academic Transcript from an Australian University
  • Convention Travel Document Secondary
  • Certificate of Identity issued by DFAT
  • Utility Bill (showing name and current address)
  • Private Health Insurance Card

Documents should show the candidates name and details. For example, some insurance cards have the names on the back of the card, so the photo needs to be of the back of the card.

Multiple bank cards (credit cards, debit cards, etc) can be accepted, but each one must be from a separate bank or financial institution. All cards are automatically masked to hide the credit card numbers for security reasons.

Change of name

If documents are supplied which have multiple names (such as a birth certificate in a maiden name, and a drivers licence in a current name) then a linking document will need to be supplied.

Linking documents include marriage certificates or change of name certificates.

These documents must be government issued from the relevant Births Deaths and Marriages agency.

Insufficent identity documents

If you do not have enough documents to complete your identity (such as not having a birth certificate) then please contact our customer support team via email at Please include your ID reference number, first name and surname in the email.

You will be provided with further instructions. Most emails are answered within two business days.

Example 1: Mary Smith

Mary Smith was born in Australia and has the maiden name Jones. She provides four documents:

  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Credit Card
  • Medicare Card

Mary's drivers licence, credit card and medicare card are all in the name Mary Smith, but her birth certificate is in her maiden name Mary Jones, so she also uploads a marriage certificate to link the documents.

Mary also supplies both names on her application: her current name Mary Smith and her maiden name Mary Jones.

Example 2: Mohammed Singh

Mohammed migrated to Australia a few years ago, but is still a citizen of India. He supplies four documents:

  • Foreign Passport
  • Visa Verification (VEVO check)
  • Credit Card
  • Utility Bill

The identity process will ask for a passport first, which Mohammed provided. This passport was from India, so the InstaID system offered to automatically conduct a VEVO check for Mohammed which he accepted. This VEVO check is used for the commencement document.

Mohammed's name has never changed, so he does not require a name change document.