How long does it take to process a police check?

Important information

In response to Australia’s COVID-19 recovery, the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) is currently experiencing an unprecedented demand for police checks. Police are working to capacity to process checks but delays are being experienced. Checks normally take up to 10 business days to complete. Currently, some applicants are experiencing delays upwards of 1 month to complete.

A delayed police check is in no way an indicator that an applicant has any criminal history to be disclosed. The ACIC strongly urges employers not to discriminate against applicants who are experiencing delays in receiving their check.

Please note that all accredited bodies have equal access to the system and one organisation cannot provide faster results than another organisation, submitting multiple checks will not facilitate a faster outcome. While these delays are occuring, accredited agencies are unable to escalate checks unless deemed essential workers by NPCS.

For further information about police checking timeframes, please see the letter from the NPCS.

Please ensure you allow yourself adequate time to receive your police check just in case your application requires manual investigation.

You will be advised via email updates in relation to the status of your application.

More information about how the service works is available here